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The Gunshot Task Trainer is a highly realistic simulation tool designed to replicate the impact of a gunshot on soft tissue. Its primary purpose is to instruct students in the correct technique for wound packing. The trainer incorporates a meticulously crafted composition of high-quality silicone rubber, which faithfully emulates the appearance and texture of actual skin and tissue. This lifelike construction ensures an authentic wound cavity experience, enhancing the training's realism.

To further enhance its functionality, the trainer seamlessly connects with a bleeding set. This integration allows for the simulation of realistic bleeding scenarios, providing a comprehensive training experience. By combining the tactile feedback of the simulated wound cavity with the visual cue of bleeding, students can develop and refine their wound packing skills with increased accuracy and effectiveness.

Overall, the Gunshot Task Trainer offers an immersive and detailed training environment, enabling students to gain hands-on experience in managing gunshot wounds and honing their wound packing technique to better prepare them for real-life scenarios.

Wound packing part task trainer set - GSW

  • size: L 11.5cm X H 5.5cm X W11cm

    Set Contents: WP trainer, Squeeze bottle, Silicone tube, plastic connector and a plastic clamp

    Weight: 480 grams (+- 20g)

    Visualy may vary

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