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Introducing the Gunshot Wound Simulator, a groundbreaking training device meticulously designed to replicate realistic gunshot wounds on the upper arm, large forearm, and calf areas. This tool is engineered to provide a highly immersive and practical learning experience, enabling medical professionals and students to master the essential techniques required to manage gunshot injuries effectively.

Our new system of attachment will help the users to adjust the simulator tight and comfortably on the body.

The Gunshot Wound Simulator boasts a versatile design that can be securely worn on the upper arm, large forearm, or calf, facilitating hands-on training and enabling learners to respond to gunshot wound scenarios with precision and confidence.

One of the simulator's standout features is its ability to simulate different levels of bleeding. With the capability to attach tubing, trainees can replicate either minor bleeding or more severe, life-threatening bleeding associated with gunshot wounds. This dynamic feature allows learners to practice various treatment approaches, from controlling moderate bleeding to managing critical hemorrhage scenarios.

As with our other simulators, the Gunshot Wound Simulator offers a high level of realism and usability. The lifelike wound simulation and anatomical accuracy provide an authentic training experience, preparing medical professionals and students for real-life emergencies.

The simulator's adaptability doesn't end there. It's designed to accommodate different user preferences and needs, allowing for seamless adjustment and a comfortable fit during training sessions.

Attachable Gunshot Wound simulator with bleeding set

  • size: L 28cm X H 0,6cm X W13,5cm

    Set Contents: Wearable wound Squeeze bottle, Silicone tube, plastic connector and a plastic clamp

    Weight: 140 grams (+- 15g)

    Visually may vary

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