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he Neck Laceration Wound Trainer is an innovative simulation device crafted specifically to replicate neck lacerations, including cavities designed for gauze packing, along with lifelike bleeding simulation. Its primary objective is to educate students on effective techniques for managing and treating intricate neck injuries.

Designed to be worn, the Neck Laceration Wound Trainer facilitates hands-on interaction with the simulated wound site on the neck, delivering a practical and immersive learning encounter.


Beyond its replication of neck lacerations, the Neck Laceration Wound Trainer also integrates the capability to simulate carotid artery injury and bleeding, while further enhancing the authenticity of the training episode. This feature empowers students to practice addressing scenarios involving severe bleeding in conjunction with neck lacerations, thereby refining their aptitude in managing such critical situations.

To summarize, the Neck Laceration Wound Trainer stands as an exceptional training aid that provides an elevated degree of authenticity and user-friendliness. Featuring its neck-specific design, two attachment alternatives, and the incorporation of simulated carotid artery injury with gauze packing capability, it delivers a comprehensive training experience for individuals aiming to elevate their proficiency in managing neck lacerations and effectively addressing severe bleeding.

Attachable Neck Laceration wound packing simulator with bleedign set

  • size: L 36cm X H 0,3cm X W10cm

    Set Contents: Wearable wound Squeeze bottle, Silicone tube, plastic connector and a plastic clamp

    Weight: 226grams (+- 30g)

    Visually may vary

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