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Introducing the Impaled Object Simulator, an innovative training device meticulously designed to replicate impaled object injuries on the body. This simulation tool aims to provide students and medical professionals with a realistic and immersive learning experience in managing these critical and potentially life-threatening situations.

The Impaled Object Simulator features a two-part system: the first component simulates holed skin, while the second replicates a soft and flexible reinforcing rod. Together, these components create a lifelike representation of an impaled object scenario, enabling learners to practice their skills in a controlled and safe environment.


For optimal comfort and customization, the Impaled Object Simulator offers Our new system of attachment will help the users to adjust the simulator tight and comfortably on the body.


In summary, the Impaled Object Simulator stands as an exceptional training tool for honing skills in handling impaled object injuries. With its lifelike design, two attachment options, and focus on practicality, it provides a comprehensive and immersive training experience, empowering medical professionals and students to excel in critical situations and save lives.

Attachable Impaled Object simulator with bleeding set

  • size: L 28cm X H 0,6cm X W13,5cm

    Set Contents: Wearable wound Squeeze bottle, Silicone tube, plastic connector and a plastic clamp

    Weight: 170 grams (+- 15g)

    Visually may vary

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