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The Laceration Wound Trainer is an advanced simulation apparatus crafted to accurately replicate lacerations on various body regions, including the upper arm, lower leg, and sizable forearm. This innovative trainer also encompasses diverse bleeding simulations, ranging from mild to severe. Its core objective is to provide students with valuable insights into adeptly managing and treating complex laceration injuries.

Structured to be easily wearable, the Laceration Wound Trainer grants direct hands-on access to the simulated wound sites on the upper arm, lower leg, and expansive forearm. This tactile and immersive learning experience facilitates practical skill acquisition.

Our new system of attachment will help the users to adjust the simulator tight and comfortably on the body.

This design empowers students to concentrate intently on refining their techniques with precision and confidence. The flexibility to choose between attachment options empowers customers to personalize their training sessions to suit their preferences.

Beyond its emulation of lacerations, the Laceration Wound Trainer excels in its capacity to simulate various types of bleeding, encompassing both mild and severe scenarios. This feature augments the authenticity of the training, enabling students to practice managing a spectrum of bleeding intensities associated with laceration injuries.

In summary, the Laceration Wound Trainer is a cutting-edge training tool that boasts realism and ease of use. Its versatile design caters to multiple body regions, offering attachment alternatives for personalized fit. With its comprehensive bleeding simulations, from mild to severe, this trainer provides a holistic learning experience for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in managing laceration wounds across diverse body areas.

Attachable Laceration wound simulator with Bleeding set

  • size: L 28cm X H 0,3cm X W13,5cm

    Set Contents: Wearable wound Squeeze bottle, Silicone tube, plastic connector and a plastic clamp

    Weight: 230 grams (+- 15g)

    Visually may vary

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