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it's a variety of tactiflesh regular wound packing trainers
it is one of the wearable wounds - avulsion of a biceps or a calf muscles
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TactiFlesh is a dynamic and passionate company rooted in Georgia, founded by dedicated healthcare providers and TCCC instructors. Our unwavering commitment is to empower individuals in the field of emergency medicine through the provision of cutting-edge, hyper-realistic medical simulators. With our meticulously crafted simulators, your training experience will transcend conventional boundaries and elevate you to unprecedented levels of expertise. Let us be the catalyst that propels your training journey to new heights of excellence and proficiency. Together, we will shape a future where preparedness meets innovation, ensuring that every life receives the utmost care it deserves.


Created for instructors by instructors:
Our simulators are meticulously designed by experienced healthcare providers and TCCC instructors, ensuring they meet the precise needs of training professionals like you.

3-months quality and satisfaction

We stand behind the exceptional quality of our simulators with a full year guarantee, ensuring your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Free life-time consutation: 
We go above and beyond by offering unlimited consultation to support your ongoing training needs, providing expert guidance every step of the way.

Affordable Hand made hyper-realistic simulators: 
Each simulator is meticulously handcrafted to deliver unparalleled realism, providing a truly immersive training experience that replicates real-life scenarios with stunning accuracy.


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TactiFlesh - When hyper-realism meets affordability!

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