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The Neck Shrapnel Wound Trainer is a cutting-edge simulation device designed specifically for replicating shrapnel wounds in the neck area, including injuries to the carotid artery and simulated bleeding. Its primary focus is to educate students on the proper techniques for managing and treating these complex and life-threatening injuries.

The wearable design of the Neck Shrapnel Wound Trainer allows for direct interaction with the simulated wound cavity on the neck, providing a practical and immersive learning experience. 

In addition to replicating shrapnel wounds, the Neck Shrapnel Wound Trainer also simulates the injury of the carotid artery and bleeding. This feature enhances the realism of the training experience and allows students to practice managing severe bleeding scenarios associated with carotid artery injuries.

In summary, the Neck Shrapnel Wound Trainer is an exceptional training tool that offers a high level of realism and usability. With its neck-specific design, two attachment options, and simulated carotid artery injury and bleeding, it provides a comprehensive training experience for individuals looking to enhance their skills in managing shrapnel wounds and addressing severe bleeding in the neck area.

Attachable Neck Shrapnel Wound packing Simulator With Bleeding set

  • size: L 36cm X H 0,6cm X W10cm

    Set Contents: Wearable wound Squeeze bottle, Silicone tube, plastic connector and a plastic clamp

    Weight: 270grams (+- 30g)

    Visually may vary

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